It’s the Season…

It was nothing really. It started around seven I guess, and at sundown there was a whole lot of smoke drifting northwestwards. After dark, at around nine, I made a picture. My first forest fire, on the hills to the east of our house.

In the composite picture I made, you can see how far away it really was – that was taken from my balcony last night (and again today). We were never in any sort of danger and it doesn’t look like we’ll ever be forced to flee the area. Still… those things are scary for a Dutchman. I was born in a country below sea level an I went to school in the very lowest area of Europe, but we don’t have huge forest fires because we don’t have huge forests. We rarely have earthquakes and we don’t have volcanoes. And so the sea doesn’t scare me much at all, but these unknown phenomena do. I guess unknown is the key word here.