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Prop. Eight

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Alright, so I have no ring. I am not married and I actually don’t like to wear jewelry. But I’m gladly joining Eating Out Loud blogger Allen with his symbolic gesture by putting some tape around my finger. And I want you to join as well, if possible with a real ring, and here’s how and where to do it.

Once again, religion has shown it’s perpetual lack of respect for those of us with other convictions. With the passing of Proposition Eight after a heavy barrage of propaganda from various Churches, gay marriage is once again impossible in the State of California. Halle-fucking-lujah. Touch them and they’ll start crying ‘Respect!’. Well fuck that. Get out of my goddamn life. Stop forcing all of us to live by your rules.

If you believe in a god or an imaginary friend or the power of your aunt’s dead cat, be my guest. I would never try to talk you out of that – it’s your private business and none of mine. Until of course you start to make it my business. By telling me that I have to live according to the rules of your aunt’s dead cat. By having laws passed to force us all to follow the rules of your religion.

If you are against abortion, fine, don’t practice it. If your imaginary friend tells you not to eat pork, fine, don’t eat it. If you think gay marriage is an abomination, fine, don’t marry someone of the same sex. But don’t force others to live by these rules. I am against worshipping some phantom in the sky, his dead son nailed to a piece of wood and the pages and pages of fairytales associated to this creed, but do you see me trying to pass laws to shut down your church? Am I force-feeding you pork? Am I passing laws to nullify any marriage performed by anyone other than a city official?

I don’t. I know religion is a private matter and I respect that. What I do not respect any more, is that you don’t seem to be able to get that into your thick heads.



  1. YAY! A Prop 8 guy from europa! It’s completely depressing what has gone on here, of late. This the most expensive fight in U.S. history.

  2. Thing is – the Christians in Holland are also rattling the cage and trying to turn back some clocks here and there. You know, Holland, that superliberal anything-goes country. It’s saddening.

  3. This is a fantastic post. It sums up what I wanted to say but I tend to get all short circuited and spastic when I’m this pissed.
    And Holland isn’t actually as liberal as people tend to think in many things. They are hard core protestants after all.
    Belgium is pretty liberal though. Even the most conservative thinkers here are still left of moderate by American standards.

  4. Don’t forget Arkansas passing the law that gay people cannot adopt, nor foster, children.
    Just don’t frickin’ get me started.

    Aside: aren’t you glad I found your blog? *L*

  5. We’ll see, Jen. Behave or be banned ;-) On this blog, contrary to some chatrooms, I call the shots. And I’m a damn good shot!

  6. This is the second blog I find today containing a frank declaration of love for the blogger.

    But then again, this is by far the best summing up of anti-religious feelings I read until now — perhaps with the sole exception of my own exercises in the field.

    And, btw: that’s not a doctor’s handwriting, but a journalist’s, dammit!

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