Racism Is Skin Deep

Listen to Public Enemy’s Fear Of A Black Planet, and in the typical chaotic mix of samples you’ll hear a simple but strange cultural fact:

Black man, black woman: black baby

White man, white woman: white baby

White man, black woman: black baby

Black man, white woman: black baby

Nobody seems to question this: last night saw the election of the first black President of the United States – there’s not a newspaper or network in the world, left or right, which doesn’t confirm this. Some quote King in celebration; the KKK invoke King as the reason Obama should not be killed. King – a black hero.

This proves how shallow racism really is. Despite all the talking about how ‘they’ run faster than white people, served up as proof that there ‘must be some difference’ (what’s wrong with your eyes? Of course there are physical differences!) which would then justify differential (read: racist) treatment, in the end it is all about colour and nothing more. Barack Obama is a nigger because he’s darker than a white man. And since no black groups in the US are calling him a cracker, even though he is whiter than a black man, this view is held across the board. Black man, white woman: black baby.

And if we keep this idea up, soon we’ll all be black. The question is what the racists will then come up with to prove their superiority. I’m guessing it’s going to involve a colour chart and a light meter.



  1. That’s exactly the cause of the election of Barack Obama: while the white majority voted for McCain — almost two thirds of them — the black tide has risen so far, that some day, in this case the day before yesterday, it could be taken for granted that a black president would be elected. In my weblogs I did not reckon with this mechanism, though I had an example from Holland in hand. In order to make Catholics in the Netherlands politically overwhelming, the bishop of Haarlem told Catholics in about 1912, that Catholic married women should not know menstruation, as they had the obligation to be permanently pregnant, so as to make as much Catholic voters as possible. This was a deliberate project to create a majority from nothing, which (nearly) succeeded.

  2. First off, Barack Obama is not a _nigger_.
    Actually, there was a great deal of fuss during the primaries about him _not being black enough_ , which drove me crazy, because, despite your comment that “he’s whiter than a black man” (more on that in a minute) — the bottom line is, if he stole your car, you’d describe him to the police as a black man. That makes him a black man.
    Okay, so, “whiter than a black man” —– you sound like a Southern US racist looking at the TV and worrying and wondering if such&such person is _really_ black, they must be mixed, he/she couldn’t look like that, etc…, ad nauseum. I may not be explaining this well, but I know having lived through a great deal of it and still living through it, as a matter of fact. Quibbling over whether or not someone ‘looks the part’ is bullshit, and you of all people should know better.

  3. P.S. and I meant to say, Obama had increases in voting across all categories of people. ALL. He is not in office solely thanks to black voters.

  4. i was worried already about how this would come across. Look, I don’t care if the man is black or brown or pink or yellow. Some obviously do, and all this talk about black and white and no-shades-inbetween just proves that it’s just a colour thing. And nothing else, no deeper reasons, no talk about differing cultures or different mindsets.
    And if it’s just colour… get the hell over it already.

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