Haunted By A Song

If there’s one song I really really hate, it has to be In The Year 2525 by Zager & Evans. I hated it as a kid, I hated it even more when I started to understand English and picked out that ominous line If man is still alive, and I have just listened to the damn ditty again on YouTube. Don’t click that. I still hate it with a vengeance and, having seen the singers for the first time, I must say they look the part. Surely they must have gone on to become Christian Praise wailers or something. Hate them.

To my surprise I just found out that this was the song that topped the Dutch charts when I was born. My mother, in her final weeks of pregnancy, must have heard it a lot – she often had the radio on in the house when Dad was working. Perhaps I grew utterly sick of it as a newborn, as it remained number one in the Dutch Top 40 for four weeks after my birth. Or perhaps I hated it even before birth.

My mother didn’t really remember the song, but she did remember it’s predecessor – Robin Gibb‘s Saved By The Bell – topping the charts until just before my birth. Another one of those songs I really really do not like.

Perhaps it was simply a bad year in music?



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