Twenty-One Million Pounds

At the current rate, that’s just under 35,700,000 USD, or just over 26,300,000 EUR. That amount buys you twenty-two luxury yachts of 30 meters, more than one hundred new Rolls Royce cars or, at our local supermarket, eleven and a half million one kilo loaves of bread. It also buys you one year of services of one (1) senior investment banker. If you’re lucky, that is: others are rumoured to earn forty million pounds.

Of course, if these preposterous bonuses and pay packages are to be cut, this “talent” (and we’ve all seen how talented they are in running the whole economy into the ground) threatens to run off to other countries with less regulations. Because hey, if I can earn twenty million pounds instead of ten, why stay at home and work for peanuts? Who knows, with just ten million a year, I might have to cut down on expenses a bit, right? Can’t have that, I work hard enough as it is.

Call me a Communist, but I think noone works hard enough to earn 21 million pounds per year. Here in Italy, people die doing dangerous work for 600 euros (477 pounds, 811 USD) a month. An investment banker is worth 3600 times that? How so? And how is it that someone needs 21 million pounds per year? If you have a big house, a holiday home or two, some big cars, some money in the bank and you can put your kids through college even if they are thicker than a brick, what do you need the remaining 20 million pounds per year for?