You Know You Live In Italy When…

…the people are obsessed with hygiene, but the street’s a godawful mess.

…you turn on the TV and people are singing opera on a cheesy amateur talent show. And doing it good.

Obituary billboard

Obituary billboard

…someone’s passing is not announced in the newspaper, but on a billboard.

…the coalition government exists of, among others, separatists and nationalists.

…the coalition government includes the granddaughter of the notorious Fascist dictator who is a former Playboy model to boot.

…the opposition includes a handful of old school Communist parties with the sickle and hammer in their logos.

…every TV show except the news has a supplement of useless, scantily clad ballet girls.

…the weatherman is a Major in the Air Force in full uniform.

Air Force Major F. Petrucci

Air Force Major F. Petrucci

…your significant other knows how to make proper sauce for the pasta.

…students don’t keep you awake at night with drunken shouting, but with singing and guitar playing.

…the Pope is on TV almost every day.

la Chiesa (the Church – with capital C) can only mean the Roman Catholic Church.

Terence Hill plays a heroic village priest in a long-running TV show.

…excellent coffee costs less than one euro in a bar.