Sports? What Sports? Italians!

Just now we were watching the heats of the 4x200m Freestyle Relay Men from the Water Cube in Beijing. And again I was reminded of what really matters for Italians. Not sports, but other Italians. Straight after the first heat, won by the Italian team, we were treated to some ads, then an interview on the edge of the pool with three of the four Italian swimmers.

After that we were dropped right into the middle of the second heat, and we spent a few minutes watching men swim with no idea of who were in the water, apart from those finishing first, second and third on the turns. Forget about watching a good and exciting match – after the Italians have finished, RAI has finished. Typical also in the sports journalism of this country: announcing a silver medal and not saying who has the gold. Announcing that Italians did not qualify and not saying who did. And last but certainly not least: if Italians do not win the medal they were so sure of, some outside circumstance, bribed jury member or anti-Italian sentiment has got to be blamed.

And no, we do not have Eurosport. Sadly.


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  1. I cannot be called a sports expert by any long shot, thank the Good in Heavens, blessed be his holy name. But I am quite sure what Italians do is about the same any sports reporting does. Sports reporting is about chauvinism. This week a Dutch girl won a silver medal at judo, but I never heard anyone speak about who won gold.

    But that is not good reporting, of course: I only by (unhappy) accident hear or see any sports reporting, so perhaps someone on Dutch tv actually mentioned the name of who won gold. Only for the record of course: nobody will ever remember her name.

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