After The Incredible Happened, The Incredible Is Happening

With Radovan Karadzic safely locked away in a Dutch jail, while the world waits for the arrest of his general Ratko Mladic, we have ample time to go back to the darkest moments in post-war Dutch history: the massacre of Srebrenica, where Dutch UN troops were proven powerless while trying to protect the Muslim population of this village from the Mladic-led Serbian war machine. About 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered by Bosnian Serb forces. It was by far the worst case of murderous ethnic cleansing in Europe since the end of World War II, and many could not believe it had happened again. ‘Never again’: it was said over and over on the fields of Bergen-Belsen and in front of the ovens of Auschwitz. ‘Never again’: it was chiseled in countless slabs of marble remembering the horrors the Nazi regime had brought over Europe. And yet, the incredible happened again.

The civilized world abhors denying the Holocaust – in fact it’s outlawed in many countries. Only fringe far-right groups and fundamentalist Muslims try to twist history in such a way that it never happened, never happened on such a large scale or that it happened because somehow the Jews were asking for it. Quite incredible indeed. But that, too, is happening again. After having witnessed the Serbian aggression towards their former neighbours and fellow countrymen, we are now witnessing the complete reversal of history, starring the Serbs as heroic, pan-European warriors against evil Islam. And the sound is not just coming from Serbia. It’s coming from the US as well, and even from Holland. You know, as if standing idly by during a massacre isn’t bad enough already.

Let’s listen to the clip in that link – it’s a smart one, really. It starts off with the well-known doubts about the Serbian ‘concentration camps’ (the term ‘death camps’ as mentioned here has never been used) which were filmed by ITN. A simple case of wartime propaganda as we’ve seen lots of times. But surfing on the wave of this non-discovery comes information which is fully untrue. This is what’s been said some three minutes into the film, after the drawn-out and repetitive intro:

In the past, most Westerners thought of Yugoslavia as a gorgeous country they’d love to visit. But, starting in 1991, this nation, unified since 1918, was torn apart by ferocious wars of secession. This film was shot in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992. During the previous five months Islamist fundamentalists had started a secessionist rebellion. They were supported by the US and German governments which coveted the economically strategic Balkans. Secession was opposed by loyalist Yugoslavs from all ethnic groups. Powerful western interests wanted to intervene but they couldn’t just start bombing. They needed favourable public opinion. They needed the work of the mass media. The media claimed the loyalist Serbs were motivated by hatred of Muslims. In fact, the Serbs weren’t motivated by hatred at all. They wanted to hold Yugoslavia together and they didn’t want to be ruled by an islamic fundamentalist faction. Many – if not most – Muslims agreed: they, too, were loyal to Yugoslavia. The Western media labeled the loyalist Serbs “the new Nazis”. The media called the loyalist Muslims “rebels”. But the media called the Islamic fundamentalists “moderate democrats.”

Smart, very smart. I guess the war against Croatia – predominantly Catholic – which lasted four years and which also started in 1992, was also a war of “Yugoslav loyalists” against “fundamentalists”, even though the democratically elected government of the country had voted in favour of independence, just like the Slovenians earlier. I guess the coalition of three ethnic parties that held Bosnia together when all this was happening, suddenly turned monolithically “fundamentalist” when the Serbs decided to pull out and start what became the Republika Srpska. Even though the remaining two parties were the Bosniaks and the non-Muslim Croats.

That “fundamentalist” coalition of Croats and Bosniaks is still alive today, leaving the Serbs as the only ones truly interested in ethnic separation in their “Republika Srpska”. Maybe they were not motivated by hatred of Muslims, just like this clip suggests – in fact, Milosevic has never spoken against other ethnicities. But they sure as hell were motivated by the wish to establish a Serb nation wherever any Serbs lived – without others, thank you very much. And they slaughtered 8,000 Muslim men and boys to get it, in the case of Srebrenica.

It sickens me to the bone that these bastards are trying to rewrite their history of crime on the back of anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe. Anyone with half an education can see through this filth. It’s one thing to suffer from anti-Islamic paranoia, but it’s quite another thing to deliberately falsify such a gruesome history.



  1. It shows that too many islam-loving traitors are are willing to sacrifice our Serbian friends on the altar of multiculturalism. Of course the individual who wrote these lines lacked the courage leaving his or her John Hancock..

    The brave Serbian people, whether in Bosnia or Kosovo, where subjected to a miltary strike initiated by those who should have been their brothers and sisters. The bombing of Belgrade, by the same forces that surrendered the whole of Europe to the Sons and Daughters of the mad prophet , was a shameful betrayal commited for the sake of the abboration called Eurabia.

    The facts were distorted by people like yourself, the relentness acts of terrorism commited by the muslims against the Serbs were intentionaly left out of the equation such that terrorists became the victims.

    Subsequently the same traitors allowed the muslim Albanian aggressors to seize power in Kosovo and declare their illegal state.

    About your site, the theme is pretty nice the content is sickening.

  2. Interesting reply. It contains not a single fact, not a shard of evidence, and a whole lot of innuendo and insults. That is, I presume, the way of the future when the Islam-hating pseudofascists come to power. Thankfully, that will never happen.

    Oh and don’t call me old friend. You are no friend of mine.

  3. The Islamophobia, and the PR emplyed by the even the current Serbian government was to give a color of Islam the predominantly ethnic conflict. I do not consider the argument of external forces being responsible for YU disintegration, since it was Serbs and Croats who started using massive propaganda even since 1980 following Tito’s death, against each other. Those ppl that say they wanted YU to remain as it was, only wanted YU with dominance of Serbs in it, they despised YU with nations as equal. Slovenians sensed that early on and they split, as well as Croats. Can you call Milosevic as patron of brotherhood and unity?
    Islam is not a threat in Europe. The only threat are the socities that see their existence and role as divine rights to role the others, to use resources of earth for themselves. Unfortunately, Serbian intelectuall elite was the one that mostly showed this, that is why other people do not wish to live close to them. Until this megalomania stops, Balkan issue will not be over. Not that Croats are much better, but their seaside at least satisfied their hunger for resources for a while.

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