Our Street, Part Two

You may remember our street. Just over a month ago I reported how it was fixed, and fixed again, and again, only to be broken up again. Well, after Metangas ripped it open this May, they closed it again without doing anything else at all to it. They even left a rough patch where someone parked his car – apparently they couldn’t be bothered with doing a proper job. Our guess is that they had a contractual obligation to fix the street after some work they’ve done earlier to the gas mains underneath it.

Surprise surprise – construction company Grimoli (builder of our own appartment) has moved in to break up the whole street again in order to widen it. And I am contemplating a future in the asphalt business here. It has to be more rewarding than translating.

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  1. hahaha! I am thinking the same about those businesses which repaint building façades, as it’s taking them ages, only marginally more than it took them to clean the Duomo here in Milan. Love your blog, I’m intrigued by anyone who exposes those little Italian traits that we Italians find so absolutely normal (Tim Parks, anyone?)

    … from a fellow translator who used to live in R’dam and has a Rotterdam boyfriend. You guys could probably have a nice chat.

  2. Tim Parks, yes, though I suspect he exaggerates now and again. Nothing heard of him off late, btw. I remember those grandparents raising their grandchildren, and the fishing pond he went to with his son and the strange way the Italian anglers reacted to him and/or the pond. Hey, Rob, you must know him, don’t you? Translator, married to an Italian woman, that rings a bell, doesn’t it?

    Os for the asphalt business: if it is that profitable, you know who in Calabria will have usurpated it, don’t you think? Coming to think of it: all this breaking up and filling in again is typically whitewashing activity, of you ask my opinion. Which you don’t, as you live there, of course.

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