Back To The Fifties

Read ’em and weep. You thought the days of the ‘long-haired layabout’ were gone? Not in the great city of Flint, Michigan. I can just picture crew-cut police officers in starched uniforms rolling through the ‘hoods of Flint with the patrol car searchlight in their hands, looking for anyone wearing the wrong kind of clothing. The Clean Street Patrol for God and Nation.

This must be the quote of the year. Experts and other cities have said the “bare your britches look” reflects laziness… Laziness, now that’s a crime. Round ’em up and send ’em to Gitmo’s what I sez! and encourages gang activities.

It does what now? Gang activities? So let me get this straight. Poverty does not encourage gang activities. Hopelessness does not encourage gang activities. Drugs don’t encourage gang activities. The ‘projects’, ‘lower living’ (thank you Ice Cube) do not encourage gang activity. Hell no, Compton was a nature preserve for bunny rabbits (and thanks again, Ice Cube) before them saggers came along, right? It’s all just a matter of time before saggers start appearing in Bel Air or Beverly Hills. Man, those rich kids in their villas are so ready to join gangs. All it takes is a guy wearing his pants too low for them to turn against the neighbourhood drug store. Word up.

Of course, having a bunch of city officials with their heads firmly wedged up their asses, blaming everything but the cause, doesn’t encourage gang activities either. But it won’t help halting it, that’s for sure.

(Thanks to Harald V. for the link)