What would the world be without great our international sports tournaments? Sport unites. It’s healthy, it’s wholesome, it’s peaceful. And it brings out the best in mankind. Never mind what differences we might have, when the spectacle is about to begin, we all rejoice in the fair and exciting competition up ahead.

In Europe the European Soccer Championship is about to begin. Europe, that ancient, war-torn continent, always comes together in a spirit of brotherhood every four years to celebrate this our most popular game.  The Old World is going through a revival of old-fashioned nationalism these days, but when that whistle blows tomorrow 6 PM local in Basel, Switzerland, all of that is forgotten. We’ll pull up some chairs and raise a glass to the great game.

Let noone doubt Europe’s status as the cradle of modern civilisation.


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  1. One must at times be somewhat ironic. But, Rob, you show how easy it is to exaggerate. But I agree: down with soccer! Down with the hooligans who are to destroy Basel’s historic city center tonight after their team win or lose the game!

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