Welcome, my friends and my enemies, and accidental passers-by, on my new blog, The Edge of Europe. For a long time I have been blogging in Dutch on the blog of the newspaper De Volkskrant. Because I have so many international friends now, from Second Life and from the international plastic modelling community, and also because there are so many things I want to write about which are not (or not exclusively) of interest to a Dutch speaking audience, I decided to switch to English. After all, blogging in this language which is not my native tongue has gone rather well since I opened a Second Life blog, well over a year ago. Of course, other factors have played a part in my leaving the Volkskrant behind me, but there’s no need to go over all that again.

What’s more, since I have moved to Italy I have noticed that the many issues playing in Holland are much the same as those playing in this country. The world is becoming a smaller place and what is important here now, will be an issue tomorrow where you live, and vice versa. And if we keep to ourselves and keep discussing things exclusively in our own languages, it is impossible to learn about and from each other.

Please, leave comments. Comments tell the blogger that someone is reading him. And for the sake of other visitors, leave them in English – it doesn’t have to be perfect English. Mine probably isn’t perfect either.

For now, thanks for stopping by and having a look, and soon we’ll get down to business in here!

Rob van Kan



  1. Hiya Rob…greetings from dusty Punjab. Will drop by from time to time..mebbe even post a few of my (shorter) editorials!

  2. Good luck with your new site. You diplay true talent and much skill to compose articles in a foreign language. I look forward to seeing more. CC

  3. I’ve added you to my blogroll on Daily Kos. I’ll be checking in weekly at least!

  4. Hey Rob,

    For a long time I have tried my hand on English (mixed with some American for good measure) and writing blogs in it would be a good idea, specially if you have, as I do, a host of international friends. I think you have mastered the world language — seeming so easy but in fact so hideously difficult — very well. Far above the ‘English’ the average Dutchman tends to be proud of. Though I even think one can express certain ideas much better in English than in e.g. Dutch, and even that certain subjects can be treated more easily in it, I for now will stick to Dutch for my weblog, as I love wordplay very much and that will remain the best if done in your native tongue. But as most of the above ‘reaguurders’ have said: you’re on my brand new list of favourites. (Brand new because I just reinstalled my computer.)

  5. Wishing you all the best and don’t forget your “buddy” Zweistra.

    Jos van Kan

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